I’m An Angel Now



Dear Friends,


I must share some news with you, even though it will make you sad.  I got my angel wings today – I am in Heaven now.  I passed away peacefully during one of my many naps in my favorite spot on the couch.  I was dreaming about apples with peanut butter and basketballs. 


My family is beyond devastated, as you can imagine.  To say I was loved by them would be a huge understatement.  Their hearts are broken in a million pieces.  However, they loved me with their whole hearts every minute of every day, and they have no regrets.  My mom often told me, “Porterhouse, we love you TOO much.”  She knew how hard this day would be.  But you didn’t love me “TOO much,” Mom.  You and Dad loved me just right.  I was the luckiest bullie every to live.




I never questioned whether I would be fed (although the amount was a little less than satisfying at times… just sayin’), never wondered where I would lay my big ol’ head, never felt abandoned or neglected, never wondered if I would get a belly rub when I wanted it.  For that I am forever grateful. I had more friends than most humans, and I love each and every one of you with my whole heart.  As the official live mascot for Drake University, I was given a student body that truly adored me and treated me like a celebrity. I loved the students more than anything and I will truly miss them.


Magoo is going to be lost without me, at least for awhile.  Thankfully, however, he has the tremendous love of my parents and our sister O to get him through this.  Magoo was my buddy. We were so very different, but such a perfect pair.  He idolized me and was the most loyal brother and ear cleaner I could have imagined.  I loved you so very much, Magoo.  And I’m so proud of you.  You’re a good boy.


My sweet sister O is also going to miss me.  We snuggled constantly and loved each other deeply.  She’s such a gentle and nurturing soul.  She’s overcome so much.  She’s going to be confused for awhile.  She, too, will be okay with the incredible love of my family.  O and Magoo will definitely need to rely on each other for comfort.  


My parents were on the road to Minneosta when my grandparents came to check on us this morning.  They’re the ones that found my body.  They took Magoo and O home with them until Mom and Dad got back.  Before leaving, O came over to me and gave me one last  gentle kiss on the face.  She knows I’m gone, but I’m afraid my brother Magoo doesn’t quite understand yet.


My parents were so excited for me to meet my new human brother or sister this March, but now I will just have to love and watch over him or her from afar.  I love that little person like crazy already.  We’ve gotten some good cuddle time in through Mom’s stomach over the past 6 months. This baby has been introduced to the fine art of snoring already.  Magoo and O will provide more than enough doting, I have no doubt.  I do think naming him or her Porterhouse would be a nice tribute, don’t you?  I’m just saying.


Every day of my life was full of phrases like “I love you, Porterhouse!” and “Good boy, Porterhouse.” and “I’m so proud of you, buddy!” and “You are one handsome devil, Porter.”  Sure,  there were  a few “You are the most stubborn dog I’ve ever known” and “Porterhouse, stop being so difficult,” but I don’t think we need to dwell on those.


Please keep my spirit alive in Porterhouse Nation.  If you get a dog, I beg you to adopt one from a shelter or rescue (such as the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue).  Keep up the good fight against puppy mills by supporting organizations such as the Iowa Voters for Companion Animals.  Volunteer.  Do good for others and be kind to both animals and each other. Share the love, my friends.  


Thank you… from the bottom of my bullie heart… for loving me and being so wonderful to my family.  It means more than you will ever know. I had the best life and I went to Heaven on my own terms – drama free.  Sending you lots of love, now and forever.


Oh, and one more thing:  GO BULLDOGS!


Peace, Love, and Bulldogs…






Vonn Needs Surgery And My Painting Needs A Home!

Hellooooo Friends!!!


If you follow my Twitter feed (@DUPorterhouse), you know about Vonn. She’s a foster bullie with the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue (IEBR) that recently stayed with me and my family for a week while her regular foster family was on vacation. She’s about 3 years young and just the sweetest bullie girl you’ll ever meet!  Vonn is in need of major bilateral hip surgery as well as ACL surgery on one of her knees.  Our favorite surgeon EVER, Dr. Reimer, will be performing all the surgeries (both hips and the knee) at the same time and he is generously doing so at a much-reduced cost since she is in rescue.  However, it is still going to cost IEBR $3600 to have it done.  The poor girl is in a lot of pain and we MUST help her.  She has a long and happy life waiting for her once she gets her hips and knee fixed!




Some very generous fans of mine named Ed and Kristine have donated a beautiful painting of yours truly to be raffled off as a fundraiser for Vonnie’s surgery. This is where YOU come in and how YOU can help us fund her medical care.  Raffle tickets are $5 for a single raffle ticket or $8 for two.  They are available on the IEBR website:  www.ilenglishbulldogrescue.org.  My mom will keep close track of all the purchases through the end of the raffle on December 31.  Then we will do a big drawing for the winner on January 1.  Who doesn’t want a giant painting of this mug on their wall??? I’m a hot commodity, people!  This thing is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!



I BEG you to help me help Vonn.  She is truly the sweetest and best girl.  We can’t let her suffer any longer!  She’s done that long enough.  So… get your money out, go to our website http://www.ilenglishbulldogrescue.org, and buy those raffle tickets!!!!  If you feel more comfortable mailing my parents a check via the US mail, that is fine too!  Email my mom, Erin, at erinebell@gmail.com and ask for our address.  She will gladly send it to you.


Thank you so much, friends! You really came through for Frankie and now I’m hoping we can pull together for Vonn in the same way.  You’re the best friends a guy could ever imagine.  Thank you, from the bottom of my little bullie heart, for all your love and support.




Peace, Love, and Bulldogs…



Join Me In Helping FRANK!


My foster brother Frank came to us several weeks ago with a somewhat abnormal gait. He seemed to favor his back left leg. At his initial appointment with the vet, the vet noted that his muscle mass in that left leg was significantly less than the muscle mass in his right leg. That, along with some other findings, indicated that Frank had suffered some sort of a leg/knee injury in the past. ACL rupture was the most likely injury, although this could only be confirmed by x-ray.  Whatever it was, it was clear that he had never received treatment for this past injury.  He had learned (been forced) to compensate for the injury by using his other leg primarily.

We took him in for x-rays a couple weeks later on July 3. Several days before this appointment, the parents came home one evening to find him unable to walk at all.  When he stood, he was bearing absolutely no weight on his back RIGHT leg (which HAD been his “good” leg). We immediately feared the worst – a ruptured ACL in the right leg now too.

He had the x-rays done on Wednesday 7/1 and they confirmed that Frank had  ruptured BOTH ACLs – the left one in the past and the right one just a few days ago. While two torn ACLs is definitely not good (trust me, I know – been there done that!!!), the news got worse. His hips, also x-rayed on Wednesday, are also in horrible condition. They’re subluxating and he has dysplasia. They’re so bad that the vet doesn’t know if he can even handle ACL repair surgery given the poor condition of his hips.

Before ANYTHING can be considered surgery-wise, we must get 10# off of Frank. This is obviously very difficult because he is immobile and on bedrest right now. We started him on a diet immediately when we rescued him and he’s already lost 2.8# though, so we are hopeful and optimistic we can get the weight off.  We have no choice – he MUST lose the weight.

He was also found to have a horrible looking palate and will require surgery on this down the road. He has saccules covering over 50% of his trachea (airway).  Right now the palate is the least of our worries, although still a concern.

Frank is the sweetest hot mess ever. He is an absolutely wonderful, loving, gentle, well-behaved bullie. My family adores him and will do anything to help him. He is on pain medications and they are definitely helping, as he is able to walk a tiny bit now. He is pretty depressed about having to be on bedrest (don’t blame him… I’d be depressed too, as much as I do love my bed), which is so hard to see because he’s usually such a happy guy. He refuses to chew on any toys/bones, etc. Mom and Dad have been letting him sleep in their room in a blocked off area and also allow him be out of his pen when they’re home and available to keep him from walking around too much. He’s doing better since they’ve relaxed the “rules” a bit (they run a tight ship with us bullies). He’s an absolutely awesome dog and we love him dearly. 

In order to help make sure the rescue can fund my foster brother Frank’s surgeries (we choose to stay optimistic by planning for the surgeries), I have come up with a new fundraiser called “Frank The Tank’s Weight Loss Challenge.”  Here’s my spiel: 

Are YOU ready to take Frank The Tank’s weight loss challenge???  Make a pledge NOW and show my buddy Frank you BELIEVE in him!  

We are asking for financial support in the form of monetary pledges to help fund his extensive and expensive medical care.  We hope that this incentive will not only encourage Frank to take it easy on the seconds at mealtime, but also ensure that his efforts are not in vain and IEBR is able to actually fund his medical care once he has achieved his goal. 

You can either make a flat donation pledge OR a per-pound pledges.   FOR EXAMPLE, you could donate $50 as a flat donation OR you could donate $5 per pound lost.  Either way, you are generously helping IEBR provide the care he so desperately needs. 

 To make a pledge, please email my mom, Erin, at erinebell@gmail.com with your pledged amount. Indicate whether it is PER POUND or a FLAT DONATION.  It’s that easy! Once the weight loss challenge is over, my mom will email you with the total amount for you to pay.  Payments will be made directly on IEBR’s website via PayPal.

Pledges will be accepted at any point of the weight loss challenge, but we encourage you to get your pledges in now! Let’s help Frank shed the pounds!!!  We appreciate your pledges (no matter the amount) so VERY much.


You Can Call Me RUFUS.

Wow. Where does the time go?  I have so much to catch you up on (unless you follow my Twitter feed, in which case you have gotten the abbreviated, 140-character-or-less version already).  Anyway, thank you for checking in!  I’ve missed you!

I guess I’ll start by introducing the newest addition to my family!  His name is Frank The Tank (also known as Frankie, Franklin, Frank, Fatty Frank, and Frankie Bear).  He is “fitting in” great in the sense that we love him and he loves us.  He is NOT, however, “fitting in” very well when it comes to couch space.  Frank is a little… how should I put this… FAT.  I’ve never been one to mince words, so I’m going to say it how it it.  Frank is fat and he hogs the couch.  But he’s on a diet now and we think we are starting to see a little bit of progress in the waist region.


Anyway, let me tell you some more about my buddy Frank.  He was rescued from Craigslist about 3 weeks ago.  He has been in at least 3 homes before coming to stay with us.  His first home locked him in a cage 24/7 because they were going through a bitter divorce and one spouse was trying to get back at the other spouse by being mean to our Frankie.  His second home had him for about a year and then moved and decided Frankie was disposable, so he sold him on Craigslist to his third “family.”  The third “family” had him for about 6 weeks when the wife decided she didn’t want him around anymore, so she posted him on Craigslist AGAIN.  This is where WE came in.  I put on my Superman cape and swooped in to save him from ending up somewhere bad. I assure you Frank will NEVER be abandoned again.


Frankie is a very funny guy.  He loves toys in short stints.  Actually, he seems to mostly just love pulling toys out of the toy basket one by one and dragging them to the middle of the living room.  He will do this for awhile and then he has to lay down to take a nap.  Hoarding toys is hard work (trust me – I know)!  He’s a very affectionate, laid back (like me), and social guy.  I’m amazed by how well-adjusted he is, given what he’s been through in his life.  He doesn’t bark except when he is demanding attention (don’t blame him) and he is totally house trained.  We absolutely love him! In fact,  Mom keeps trying to come up with ways to keep him.  Ummm NO, Mom.  Just no.






Frank needs a few things done medically.  First of all, he’s fat.  Did I mention that already?  He’s 62# and needs to be more like 53-55#.  That’s a good chunk of his total weight.  I don’t envy him a bit (been there, done that).  Secondly, he has a past leg injury (probably an ACL tear) that was never treated.  He limps a lot and has a hard time getting around (being overweight doesn’t help).  We are getting some x-rays done next week and then we will go from there.  He might need surgery.  And third, he has a strange looking growth on his head that has to be removed and sent for testing to make sure it’s nothing to worry about.  Don’t worry though, we will get him all up to snuff!





Now I need to unveil my most recent fundraising project for the rescue… A new set of greeting cards!!!  They feature 12 brand new photos of Magoo, O, my past and present foster siblings, and ME (of course).  The cost is $25 for a set of 12 unique, high quality cards and envelopes.  ALL PROCEEDS go toward vet care for our rescued bullies!  It’s a win-win situation, people – you get some really great cards for your friends and family to fawn over while helping our rescued bulldogs at the SAME TIME!  Visit our website to order: http://www.ilenglishbulldogrescue.org.  THANK YOU!!!

greeting card banner 3rd edition


Now for some MORE big news – I, your very own Porterhouse, will be STARRING in Legally Blonde (the musical) at the Des Moines Playhouse this Summer!!!  You can call me Rufus, as this is who I will be playing in a brilliant fashion.  I just hope I don’t forget my lines.  At the audition (yes, there was an audition) the director asked my mom if I will sit on command.  She laughed (rude) and said, “if he wants to!”  Whatever, Mom.  Anyway, I can’t wait for Broadway to discover me.  It’s bound to happen now!  One word: TONY.

Legally Blonde 2

So apparently I have to share the stage with a chihuahua named Chico.  She plays the role of Bruiser in the musical.  Well let me tell you something about Chico:  She is small but mighty, let me tell ya.  Chico, for no apparent reason, hates me.  I do plan to fully win her over with my wit and charm though.  No worries.

LEgally Blonde

My last post was my commencement address for the Class of 2013.  I was rather melancholy and it has taken me this long to get back on my horse.  It has helped that I’ve had incoming freshmen to focus on the past several weeks over the course of 5 different orientation sessions!  I missed a couple of the sessions due to the parents’ disregard for MY personal obligations (I really wish I weren’t so dependent on them for transportation), but I made 3 out of 5 and as a result I have lots of new friends.  I think next year is going to be GREAT!  Some of them didn’t seem to fully appreciate me quite yet, but I am confident they will come around in time.  Once they realize I am their new best friend, we will be fine.




I had a new experience a few weeks ago as a therapy dog!  I was asked to do some therapy at YESS, Des Moines’ emergency shelter for youth.  I. LOVED. IT.   I definitely hope to go back in the future.  I had a great time and I think the kids really loved me there!  This weekend I will be back at Blank Children’s Hospital and Methodist Medical Center for some therapy as well.  I will be riding in my MPU (Mobile Porterhouse Unit – some call it a “stroller”) for the first time, so I am guaranteed to generate at least a few laughs.



We received a VERY special gift from a dear friend a few weeks ago.  She had a painting made of my beloved sister Candie Girl for us to hang in our house.  It is so special and we love it more than words can say.



Now for a Big D (Diesel) update.  Drum roll please…  After 7 months, 3 surgeries (one of which damn near killed us all), countless tears, and a tremendous amount of patience and love… Big D has found a family to love him forever!!  He is still with us for about another week, but he will soon go to live with his new family. We couldn’t be happier for him!  It will be incredibly hard to let him go, but he is staying in the Des Moines area, so we will get to see him a lot.  No one deserves a “happily ever after” more than Big D.  He will have a bullie sister named Gump (she’s a total sweetheart – I think she has a crush on me, actually) and two cat siblings.   We can’t wait to visit him in his new home!!!




I got to go to the Drake tailgate at the Iowa Cubs game last week.  It was fantastic!  Got this great picture with my two idols: Cubbie Bear and Spike.  How cute are we?  One word: Trifecta.


This week we were contacted about two dogs in Davenport.  One is an American Bulldog and the other is an English Bulldog.  Since IEBR only takes purebred English Bulldogs, we had to act fast to find a place for the American bullie.  We couldn’t take one and not the other, leaving him in such a volatile situation!  It was another divorce  with the man threatening to dump the dogs in order to get back at the wife.  Fortunately, we talked him into letting us have the dogs.  Best part?  We found a HOME – a REAL home – for the American Bulldog!  And IEBR is taking the English into foster care  so we can find her the perfect home too.  Mom and Dad are going to pick them up this Saturday so they are safe.  I hope they like me.











Thank you so much for reading my blog, friends!  Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Bulldogs…


Commencement Address


I had prepared a commencement address to be delivered yesterday to my fellow classmates, the Drake University Class of 2013.  Sadly, I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until after the ceremony was over.  Here is what I would have said, had I been awake to give my speech:


Drake University Class of 2013,

It is with great honor that I speak to you today as your very own, oh-so-proud and ever-loyal, official live mascot AND classmate.  It was four years ago that we embarked upon this journey together, my friends – I with my cape and crown and you with your “shower shoes” and hot-off-the-press Drake student IDs.  I had recently been crowned the 2009 Drake Most Beautiful Bulldog and you had recently been awarded your high school diplomas.   We were all starting out together on this beautiful campus in the heart of Des Moines, IA.  One difference is that I still had to live with my overbearing and micromanaging parents while you all had the chance to experience what it’s like to be on your own for the first time ever.  While I was admittedly jealous of your freedom, my parents continued to do my laundry and I’m pretty sure YOU were jealous of THAT.  I’m just sayin’.

I remember seeing you on campus – you were just babies.  You would awkwardly approach my parents and shyly ask if you could pet me.  Then you got so bold as to ask for a photo.  I think many of you wondered why I was such a big deal around here.  Now you know.  And now you see me and, without hesitation, squeal with delight because you’re reuniting with an old friend.  Nothing makes me feel more loved.

We’ve done a little bit of everything together – basketball games, football games, “puppy parties,” class projects, “Celebrate Drake,” my EPIC 8th birthday party, “Paint the Town Blue,” volleyball games, softball games, awards ceremonies, Drake Relays, interviews, Peggy’s, photo shoots, fundraisers, tennis matches, West End Lounge, soccer games, sorority houses, picnics, #PorterhouseOnEllen, and much, MUCH more. Today we wrap up this amazing adventure and we’re ALL as cool as can be.  WE RULE, my friends.

I’m really thankful we have come so far these four years.  Things aren’t awkward anymore.  When you don’t see me at an event, you get concerned.  We hang out, you invite me to parties, we take countless “selfies,” we tweet at each other on a regular basis, you know all about me and my family, and you know what I do and care about beyond Drake.  It has been an absolute honor and a privilege to share this time with you. You are my best friends and I couldn’t be MORE proud.  I hope I will always be included in your memories of your time at Drake University.

You, my friends, are embarking on a new journey now, which I’m sure is very exciting but also a little scary.  I, on the other hand, will be proudly returning to Drake in the Fall as a “super senior.”   Finals didn’t go very well for me this semester, so I will be back.  Let’s be honest – I may never graduate, and that’s just fine by me!  I love it here!  I digress.  Bottom line is that I am not going anywhere, so please come back to visit me.  I will be watching for you (when I’m not sleeping).

As you leave Drake and enter the REAL “real world,” I wanted to share a few words of wisdom. After all, I’m like an owl –  VERY WISE.  Here it goes:

–  Walk proud.  You are a Bulldog!

–  Don’t forget your roots.  This basically means “don’t forget ME.”  It is, after all, all about me.

–  Take care of yourself.  If you need a rest, take one!  If you need a snack, eat one!  If you need a lift, get an #MPU (Mobile Porterhouse Unit)!

–  Be stoic.  Don’t ever let “them” know you are flustered.

–  Be sure to always LOOK GOOD.  Apparently, good looks DO get you places.  I am your example.  Man, I look good!

–  Be kind to one another (I may have stolen this one from my pal Ellen DeGeneres).

–  Be loyal!  Bulldogs are loyal… and stubborn, high maintenance, and some say lazy, but whatever.  Just be loyal.

–  Take it easy.  Life is so much more enjoyable this way.

–  Be fierce, but only when it comes to chasing basketballs or eating your own birthday cake.

–  Stand up for what you believe in.  For me, this is rescuing dogs, ending puppy mills, healing the sick, spreading smiles, and being kind.  Be passionate about whatever it is you believe in.  Just please… believe in SOMEthing.

–  Bleed blue – DRAKE BLUE.

–  Be gentle.  The ladies like gentlemen.  They especially like gentlemen with wrinkles and bloodshot eyes, I’ve noticed.  I am a chick-magnet.

–  When you’re happy, don’t try to contain your emotions.  Just let it all hang out!  If you feel like doing a full body wiggle, you DO a full body wiggle! There’s no shame in it.  Try it – I think you’ll like it.

–  Always keep your nose wrinkle clean.  Wait, you don’t have to worry about that one.  Never mind.

–  Be yourself, and be proud of who that is.  But in order to be proud of who that is, you actually have to DO things that you can be proud OF.  So be a good person and do good  things.

Okay, that’s probably enough “words of wisdom.”  I’m feeling rather melancholy about this whole thing and I am afraid next Fall I will be very lonely without you.  They keep promising me “new freshmen,” which is exciting and all, but no one will ever replace you, my Class of 2013.

I wish you well in your endeavors, whatever they might be.  You are all rock stars (because you’re Bulldogs, and Bulldogs are rock stars).  Thank you for sharing the last four years of your life with me and thank you for loving me.  You have no idea how much it has meant to us.  My cup runneth over!

Go forth now, friends, and be fabulous.

Peace, Love, and Bulldogs…


And The “Top Senior Award” Goes To…

I was recently presented the Top Senior Award at Drake.  It was such an honor!  I wanted to share (especially with Ellen DeGeneres) my nomination write-up.  It’s a resume of sorts, and I feel like it really represents what I do to make the world a better place. I’m more than just a pretty face.


My name is Porterhouse and I guess you could call me the ultimate non-traditional student. I’m not enrolled in any courses, but I sure have learned a lot from Drake these past four years. In my capacity as the Drake’s official live mascot, I’ve doggedly pursued the opportunity to develop my leadership skills through in-depth, tireless involvement in the University community.

As you may know, I was named live mascot in 2009-10, when this year’s graduating seniors were incoming first-year students.  Since then I’ve volunteered at countless Drake events. I’ve greeted National Alumni Scholar candidates and chased basketballs across the Knapp Center court. I’ve visited dining halls and residence halls and Drake Relays events, and more. Through it all, I’ve gained the respect and admiration of students and community members— 2,100 of whom follow me on Twitter (http://twitter.com/duporterhouse).  I created the account just over two months ago.

Outside of Drake, I’m also a tireless community advocate— a certified therapy dog who volunteers at Blank Children’s Hospital and Iowa Methodist Medical Center, and who raises awareness for the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue. (Follow my adventures at https://porterhousepetproject.wordpress.com)  This spring I was named #3 in Life+Dog Magazine’s “50 Dogs Who Are Changing the World.” (http://www.lifeanddog.com/Issue-14-2012/LIFEDOG-50-Recap/

I’ve learned that effective leadership comes from just being outgoing and friendly, and always sticking up for the causes you believe in. Of course, I couldn’t be such an effective leader without the help of my human parents, Kevin (LW’11) and Erin Bell. They keep me focused, punctual, and humble.    

…Okay, maybe not humble, but focused.

They also keep me awake. Sometimes.

Activity 1: Official Live Mascot of Drake University (basically the Master of Ceremonies and Center of Attention at all Athletics, Admissions, and Relays events I attend). I am the face of Drake University! 
Activity 2: Power Forward on the Drake Men’s Basketball team.  (Well, I suit up for every game (I’m #1) and earlier this month students chanted my name…  I think they wanted the coach to put me in, but it didn’t happen.)  That’s ok, there are more treats in the stands. 
Activity 3: Certified Therapy Dog (Blank Children’s Hospital and Iowa Methodist Medical Center volunteer)  I use my friendly nature to make sick people and their families laugh and take their minds off of what they’re going through for a brief time. I love it.  
Activity 4: Foster brother for Illinois English Bulldog Rescue (IEBR)— I’m the only dog you’ll find selling PORTERHOUSE NATION t-shirts to support vet care for rescued Bulldogs with the IEBR.  I’ve also created two different sets of greeting cards featuring adorable photos of me and my permanent and foster siblings.  These were sold to raise funds for the rescue.
Activity 5: Using Twitter to connect with students and to educate people about puppy mills.  I volunteer at events for the Iowa Voters for Companion Animals.  My celebrity status helps draw attention so we can tell them about puppy mills and how to get involved with improving legislation.  I tell my mom what to say, she just types it.  
I’m a bulldog trying to make the world a better place. 
This award was such an honor.  It was a surprise to the students when I appeared on stage.  Then I hammed it up for the cameras for a bit before trying to face plant off the front of the stage.  President Maxwell had to act fast before I launched myself overboard.  Would’ve been soooo embarrassing.  
Anyway, a huge THANK YOU to Drake University for this honor.  ImageImageImage


Hi Friends! 

I’m sorry I’ve been absent for awhile.  I’ve missed you!  I’ve been extremely busy on Twitter and haven’t had a chance to blog for awhile.  But I promise to post something after the DRAKE RELAYS are over.  So… stay tuned.

I want to share my schedule of appearances for the Drake Relays, which are happening THIS week.  That way, all of my adoring fans can know where to find me.  

I should also tell you what my favorite treats are. Basically, I LOVE EVERYTHING EDIBLE (and even some things that are NOT edible).  What, Mom?  It’s inappropriate to ask for presents?  I disagree, but apparently I’m not allowed to beg on my blog. Can’t do anything around here. She’s militant.

Below are the SCHEDULED appearances I will be making, but I will be adding things as requested and doing my OWN thing throughout the Relays.  So you still might see me rolling around in my MPU (Mobile Porterhouse Unit) – a.k.a. stroller.  Don’t judge.

ANYWAY… Here is my current Relays schedule…


TUESDAY 4/23 –

Grand Blue Mile @ 6pm in downtown Des Moines.  Please note: I will NOT be running. I do not run unless it’s in hot pursuit of a basketball in the Knapp Center.  You can find me at the finish line.



Downtown Street Painting from 3:30-5pm on Court Avenue.  I will be JUDGING (that’s right, I’m a judge) the competition.  I’m pretty excited about it.  What an honor.

Pole vault competition at Jordan Creek Mall.  Can’t wait!  This is one of my absolute favorite parts of the Drake Relays.  I pole vault in my spare time, so I understand what it takes.  I’m so good, though, that I don’t even use a pole.  


THURSDAY 4/25 –  

SMAC picnic on Drake’s campus at 5:30pm.


FRIDAY 4/26 –

Alumni tent on University Avenue across from Drake Stadium from 4:30-5:30pm.  “Porterhouse 4 President” buttons, featuring  a ridiculously cute picture of me will be handed out by the alumni  tent all weekend.  Be sure you stop by to get one!  If you come while I’m there, you can get your picture with me and give me kisses.  My mug is gracing cell phones and desktop backgrounds everywhere. Don’t miss out on the trend.


SATURDAY 4/27 – 

Alpha Phi brunch at the Alpha Phi house from 11am-12:30pm.  I will be schmoozing with the ladies.  Hey ladies…  

Alumni tent on University Avenue across from Drake Stadium from 2:30-3:30pm.  Porterhouse 4 President buttons… Don’t forget to get your buttons…


A few tips when taking my photo:

1. The shutter button is your friend.  Push it and push it often.  Delete later.

2.  No need to count to 3.  In fact, please don’t.  I’m a dog and “1, 2, 3” means nothing to me.

3.  Have your phone ready.  Again, I am a dog and my attention span (while impressive) is relatively short.  Although I would argue that I am better than some of the humans I take pics with.

4.  YOU look at the camera, not me. I’ll do me while you do you. Unless you like pictures of the top of your head. 


Things that hurt my feelings (I’m very sensitive):

– Asking if I bite.  The answer is an emphatic “NO.”  My parents would not bring me out in public if I did.  I’m as gentle as they come and will NOT BITE.

– Asking about my life expectancy immediately after asking how old I am.  I am 8.  I am vibrant and healthy and full of life.  We live each day like it’s our last around here, so it really doesn’t matter what my “life expectancy” is.  This makes Mom and Dad super sad.

– Telling me I’m “so ugly I’m cute.”  I am not ugly.  If you think I’m ugly, we can’t be friends.

– Asking “Is this Huckleberry???” No, I am not Huckleberry.  Huckleberry is a wonderful dog and very handsome, but I am the one and only Porterhouse. I rule.

Hope to see many of you this week sometime!  So excited for a week FULL of activities and events!  I love my fans and can’t wait to reconnect all week long.  HAPPY RELAYS!!!!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Bulldogs…


Helloooo Twitter


First things first.  Let’s talk birthdays.  That’s right, it’s MY birthday this month!!!  I will turn 8 years young on March 31.  I embrace my age and feel that I only get better with each passing year.  My 8th year is going to be the best one yet, I just know it. Feel free to send treats… lots and lots of treats.  Not to be rude, but birthdays are a time for gifts and the best gift you could give me is a box full of treats.  Just sayin’.  Or, you could make a donation to the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue (www.ilenglishbulldogrescue.org) for my birthday as well!  That would be even better than treats, and that’s saying a LOT.


My sister O also has a birthday coming up this month.  Hers is actually the day before mine!  March 30.  She will be 7 years young.  This is her first birthday spent outside of the puppy mill.  We’re going to be sure we make it a great one!  She won’t know what to think!!!




Now for some other important business.  Last time I blogged about “Twittergate,” a scandal of stolen identity.  Well, I’ve reclaimed my identity and created my own Twitter account (@DUPorterhouse).  This one is the real deal.  I am actually THE dog behind these tweets, unlike the other account that was set up using my name.  Similar to this blog, my Twitter feed is full of opinions and attitude.  The only difference is that I am very limited to how much I can say in my tweets.  The 140 character limit is really cramping my style, but I’m making do.  Just have to cut to the chase a bit more on Twitter than I’m used to.

Twitter has been life changing.  I can’t believe my parents didn’t let me do it sooner.  I have connected with the Drake students like never before!  I feel like they really know me now.  They even chanted my name in the student section at a recent basketball game.  I think they wanted the coach to put me in, but it didn’t happen.  Man it made me feel good though.  Drake students are the best.

I’ve got a couple of Twitter campaigns going on right now.  I want to be the next Ellen Underwear Model (I really think I have what it takes).  I also want to be on Lolo Jones’s relay team for the Drake Relays OR a part of her bobsled team (I don’t know how she could possibly deny me).  I want a Raygun t-shirt made featuring me.  And finally, I would really like a Jethro’s menu item named after me (how perfect – I am, after all, named after a cut of meat).  Is this too much to ask?  I think not. What can I say, I dream big.  Go big or go home, people.


It’s been a very busy time since I last blogged!  My mom says she ought to get paid to manage my image since it’s a full-time job.  Whatever, Mom.  I tell her what to say, she just has to type it.  Not that big of a deal.


I’ve had a number of Drake men’s and women’s basketball games.  The season has been a bit of a challenge for both of our teams, but I’ve had a great time doing my thing on the sidelines.  I love my fans and posing for pictures.  I ham it up.  The post-season conference tournaments are coming up and I will not be accompanying the teams to Missouri.  I think my invitation got lost in the mail again this year.  


Some of you might have witnessed the wipe out of the century at a recent Drake basketball game.  I was racing across the court after my ball.  I was like grease lightening.  I had almost caught up to it when all of a sudden, my stubby rear legs slid out from under me and I wiped out onto my side.  I kept sliding for what seemed like an eternity.  I flailed around for awhile like a turtle on his back.  It was embarrassing.  The crowd let out a collective gasp out of concern for their beloved mascot.  Finally, with a little bit of help from my mom, I got back on my feet and tackled my ball.  I was triumphant in the end.  Moral of the story: The fans love and care about me, and Bulldogs never give up.




I have attended a few events recently for Admissions.  They have me come to their National Alumni Scholarship School Spirit Nights every year.  There are two of them held every February.  I love it because I get to meet some of next year’s freshmen!  I think I am the reason for 90% of their incoming students.  I mean really, what other school has this awesome of a mascot?  I win them over every time.  They meet me and it’s a done deal.  Check is in the mail, people.





I’ve been making rounds at the hospitals as a certified therapy dog as well.  I rode in my wagon last time because my short little legs get so tired.  Those hospitals are big places!  Anyway, got to make some sick people and their families laugh and took their minds off of what they’re going through for a brief time.  I love it.  The hospital recently made baseball cards for all the therapy dogs to hand out to the people we visit with.  I must say, my baseball card is pretty darn cute.  Someday it will be worth a lot of money.





The much anticipated Life+Dog issue featuring ME has arrived both in my mailbox AND on store shelves at Barnes and Nobles nationwide!  It turned out great and I think I look pretty darn good in the photos.  I’m featured as a dog that is changing the world.  I’m so proud and honored to be featured!  






My parents had a table for IEBR at Petsmart’s National Adoption Event a few weeks ago.  I did not get to go because I had a basketball game later that night that I needed to rest up for.  So they took O and Diesel, my foster brother.  We also had some other Des Moines volunteers there helping out and another adoptable dog, too.  From what I hear, it was a good day and there was a lot of traffic at the IEBR table.  Umm yeah!  We’re Bulldogs.  People flock to us because we are so cute!  




We’re having another Meet & Greet event for IEBR on March 16 from 10-4 at Bone-A-Patreat at 42nd and University in Des Moines.  I fully expect to be taken to that one.  I will NOT be left behind again.  I love to get out and meet people, and I LOVE Bone-A-Patreat.  They are so nice to me there.  This is the place that is selling my Porterhouse Nation t-shirts to raise money for IEBR!  They’re good people and do so much for us and our rescue.   COME SEE ME ON MARCH 16!!!!!!


Last weekend, I was followed around by a Drake student that was doing a story on me for DrakeLINE.  I must say, I looked pretty cute in the footage of me at the game!  My mom did the talking and I did the walking.  Here is a link to the story.  It’s about how I am using social media (Twitter) to educate people on puppy mills.  My story is at about the 10:11 mark in the broadcast.  Check it out:  http://vimeo.com/60791397.  I am so grateful to the student, Katherine Fritcke, for doing this story.  SO grateful.

My mom did an interview for the Times Delphic newspaper today.  It’s going to be a big article on me!  I am so excited I probably won’t sleep from now until it runs.  Okay, who am I kidding.  Sleeping is NEVER a problem, no matter how much excitement is involved.  I’ll be fine.  But I am excited.  We are having our picture taken for the photos to accompany the article later this week.  I am going to have Mom and Dad buff and puff me until I shine.  Gotta look good for the newpaper!  Apparently I have to share the limelight with my siblings.  Not very happy about that, because it should be all about me.  But I guess I’ll suck it up and share the attention for once.  The article is all about ME though.  





Have you seen my Valentine’s Day e-solicit video?  Oh yeah, Magoo is in it too.  But note how calm I am and how out of control HE is.  Here’s the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w36UupQp3Rg  I am clearly the star here.  Magoo is not… at all.  What a disaster.  





A few weeks ago, I was asked to come post for pictures at Hubbell dining hall.  Best part of the day?  When the cafeteria lady brought me a banana!!! I really loved that.  Anyway, I also loved seeing all the students.  I was so good and posed for SO many pictures.  My mom said she was proud of me.  I told her to give me more treats then.  Put your money where your mouth is, Mom.  


The New York Times recently had an article about puppy mills and their connection to the American Kennel Club (AKC).  It was a FANTASTIC article and gave some much-needed attention to the connection between the two.  Please read it!  I promise it is worth your time.  Here is the link:  http://www.nytimes.com/2013/02/10/sports/many-animal-lovers-now-see-american-kennel-club-as-an-outlier.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

There was also an article in USA Today about some puppy mill legislation that has been reintroduced in Washington!  I am SO excited about this, because animal issues rarely get the attention they deserve.  This particular legislation is aimed at cracking down on internet sales of puppies, which is a huge loophole for puppy mills to sell dogs without USDA oversight, as weak as it may be.  While the USDA’s “oversight” and regulation of puppy mills that sell to pet stores is almost laughable, at least it’s some sort of system to provide regulation.  The internet has no such protection.  Here is the link to that article:  http://m.usatoday.com/article/news/1953277.  This is a great article and also well worth your time to read it.  

Humane Lobby Day at the Capitol here in Iowa was a huge success!  The Iowa Voters for Companion Animals was present and made a huge impact.  They had over 100 people show up to lobby our lawmakers to improve conditions for dogs in Iowa’s >300 puppy mills.  If you haven’t already done so, please consider getting involved by signing up to receive emails when a call to action is needed.  IVCA will let you know who to contact and what to say when needed.  You don’t get a lot of junk mail, I promise.  The website is http://www.iowavca.org.


If you are wondering why I am so anti-puppy mill, Google it.  Or go to YouTube and search “puppy mills.”  Then you will see why.  My sisters Candie and O both came from puppy mills.  They were forced to have litter after litter of puppies for years.  They sat outside in cages among hundreds of other dogs.  For example, O was cage #180.  I have been so lucky in my life because I’ve never known such horrors.  It is my responsibility to fight for those that aren’t so lucky.  We are their voice.  We must stand up for them and do ALL we can to help them.  Puppy mills are hell on earth.  


Bulldogs continue to fall from the sky at IEBR. Please “like” IEBR on Facebook and follow me on Twitter (@DUPorterhouse)!  You can also visit IEBR’s website at http://www.ilenglishbulldogrescue.org.  We have so many dogs in our care right now and many of them need major medical care.  We are always in need of donations to provide the care they need and deserve.  Thank you!






With me on Twitter now, PORTERHOUSE NATION is growing like crazy!  Be sure you get yourself a t-shirt to show your PORTERHOUSE NATION pride and support IEBR in the process!  $10 from each shirt goes toward vet care for the rescued Bulldogs!  Here is the link:  http://www.etsy.com/listing/109911495/porterhouse-nation-s-xl?ref=sr_gallery_1&ga_search_query=porterhouse+nation&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=US&ga_search_type=all  ONLY $16 FOR THE COOLEST T-SHIRT IN THE COUNTRY!  

Until next time, Friends.  

Peace, Love, and Bulldogs…


The Real McCoy

Magoo and PH2

Well, friends, I have so much to say I can hardly contain myself!

First, let me explain the title of this post, “The Real McCoy.”   My devilish good looks have been hijacked and someone is pretending to be ME on Twitter!  We’ll call it “Twittergate.”  Not so fast, whoever you are.  There’s only ONE Porterhouse and I am CLEARLY perfectly capable of speaking for myself (that’s never been a problem, continue reading).  I am the new Lennay Kekua, people.  I’ve been violated!  At least I know I’m not alone.  I mean, it happens to all of us A-list celebs.  I join my closest friends Oprah, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Warren Buffet, Will Smith, and Martha Stewart as a victim of identity theft.  So to set the record straight, I have NOT (yet) launched into the Twittersphere.  You will be the first to know if/when I do.  In the images below, you will see just how similar our wicked good looks are.  I am so much like Lennay I can hardly believe it myself!


I also want to clear something else up.  It has been brought to my attention that my blog leads people to believe that I do not like my brother Magoo.  This is not true.  I just think he’s ridiculous, but I thoroughly enjoy him and even love him for his craziness.  I tolerate his antics and embrace his… “uniqueness.”  There, I said it: I  love Magoo.   THAT is a fact.


tough crowd

I’d like to update you on the Porterhouse Nation t-shirt fundraiser for the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue.  I will sum it up in a single word:  SUCCESS.  I am selling like hotcakes.  I am now available on a lovely pink t-shirt with a sexy silver silhouette and black letters.  Of course, I am also still very much available on the original royal blue shirt with a most attractive black silhouette and silver letters as well.  Not only are they still available on the Etsy site (http://www.etsy.com/listing/109911495/porterhouse-nation-s-xl), but they are also being sold locally at Bone-A-Patreat Healthy Pet Market at 4110 University Avenue, Des Moines IA 50311.  How cool is that?!  $10 from each shirt goes directly toward the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue so we can provide much needed vet care to our rescued bulldogs.  It’s a win-win situation – you get the coolest shirt ever made, if I do say so myself (and I do), AND your purchase helps rescued bulldogs!

Pink PH Nation

PH Nation

PH Nation shirt on Kevin

I also want to discuss my relationship with Spike, the “other” Drake mascot.  Sure, I like to poke fun at him once in awhile in my blog.  But really, we are good buddies.  I like to chase Spike when I see him, but it’s only because the crowd loves it.  They think it’s so cute when I do it!  And I must agree – I am pretty darn cute no matter what I do.  Watching my chubby, uncoordinated butt running after a giant Spike puts them over the top.  They can hardly contain themselves I’m so cute!  Spike and I give each other high fives and fist bumps, and he even gives me a good butt scratch when I’m lucky.  We are like a tag team, only Spike tends to put a lot more effort into things than I do.  I let him do most of the work.  I lay around in the stands while Spike runs all over the place.  However, I will say that you don’t see Spike running cross-court at lightening speed after a basketball.  Just sayin’.  It’s not ALL Spike…

It was Magoo’s birthday last week.  He turned the big 3 years old, although he still acts like a little baby.  I’ve never seen something so dramatic.  He works it and the worst part is that my mom and dad fall for it every time!  Magoo acts mopey and forlorn and they are putty in his paws.  It’s totally ridiculously pathetic.  I just turn my head in disgust when it happens.  Anyway, back to Magoo’s birthday.  He got a new toy, not that this is any different than normal days.  He also got a couple of bags of his favorite treats.  The best part is that we ALL got a special birthday cookie to celebrate his big day.  I was all about this.  Obviously.

Magoo sweetness

Magoo was mad about the harness my mom put on him, so he refused to move for a good hour.  SUCH A BABY.

Magoo was mad about the harness my mom put on him, so he refused to move for a good hour. SUCH A BABY.

sleepy goose

Birthday cookies for Magoo!

Birthday cookies for Magoo!

Birthday cookies for O!

Birthday cookies for O!

Birthday cookies for me!!!!!!!!!!!  Diesel got some too, of course, but he wouldn't hold still for a picture.

Birthday cookies for me!!!!!!!!!!! Diesel got some too, of course, but he wouldn’t hold still for a picture.

Speaking of birthdays, I have one coming up on March 31.  I’ll be 8 years young!  I’m in the prime of my life and loving every minute of it.  Oh, and in lieu of toys, please send treats.  And lots of them.

Now for an update my household of bullies.  We’ve had a lot of movement lately!  Lola Mae has been adopted, Donken has been adopted, and Diesel has joined the chaos that is my family.

Lola Mae went home on January 14 and we couldn’t be happier for her!  She has a new sister, Zoe, and they have quickly become inseparable.  And, of course, she also has a mom and dad, and they are wonderful.  Lola Mae is living the dream and we miss her very, very much!  Not a day goes by that we don’t think about her.  Thankfully, her awesome new mom updates us often, which makes my mom and dad sooooo happy.  We get lots of picture of her with Zoe, which we love.   Lola Mae is the sweetest girl ever!!

Goodbye to LM

Lola Mae with my mom and dad before she left for her new home. (:

LM and O

Lola Mae and Zoe when they first met at my house! They hit it off!

Donken has also found infinite love and happiness in her new home.  She joins a female American Bulldog (appropriately spoiled rotten) named Lola and a male American Bulldog (also appropriately spoiled rotten) named Sarge.  Oh, and there are a couple of humans in the family too.  Donken is doing amazingly well.  She had such fear and as a result displayed aggression when she came to us.  We were really worried about how the transition would go from our home to her new one, but that was clearly unnecessary!  Donken settled right in and loves her new family very much already!  She’s been such a good girl and we are soooo proud of how far she has come and how brave she has been.  We have also been getting lots of updates on our little D, which is so great.  We’ll love her forever!

Kevin and Donkey

This is my dad with Donken. She is such a little peanut!

kisses for donkey

This is my dad giving Donken a goodbye kiss. It’s so hard for my parents to let them go, but it’s worth it to help others.

This is Donken's new dad!!!  Don't they both look so happy???

This is Donken’s new dad!!! Don’t they both look so happy???

It’s never easy for my parents to let my foster siblings go.  This summarizes their feelings perfectly!!!


The new guy is named Diesel.  He was surrendered by his owner and is 5.5 years young.  We call him “Big D” or “D-Train” a lot because he’s HUGE and tends to walk right through things like they’re not even there.  He’s a wrecking ball, but not on purpose.  He’s just a big, dopey, uncoordinated,gentle, and slow oaf of a dog.  We love him!  Unfortunately, he has a lot of health problems that will require a great deal of vet care and multiple surgeries as a result of significant neglect.  He needs bilateral ear canal ablation surgery because his ears are calcified completely shut from chronic, untreated ear infections.  It is very painful and so bad that it is affecting his equilibrium/balance.  Big D tips over a lot, runs into things, stumbles, and his legs kind of slide out from under him.  It’s very sad and makes my mom and dad very, very angry.  He also needs bilateral eye surgery and to be neutered.  Poor guy has a lot going on, but good ol’ IEBR is on it and we will get him fixed up!  Diesel was very flat for the first couple weeks he was with us and didn’t show any interest whatsoever in interacting with anyone/anything (including MY charming self, believe it or not!), but now he climbs up on my mom’s lap and cuddles!  He LOVES attention from my mom and dad.  Also, Magoo has gotten him to play with him a few times, which is AMAZING!  Leave it to Magoo to wear a guy down and get him to play. Magoo is so good at that.  He takes such good care of the fosters.   Diesel has already come a very long way in  a short time.  It’s so fun to see him happy and enjoying attention.  We love the D-Train!

Snowy D

goose and d

This was Magoo's first (of many) attempt to get Diesel to play with him.  It was a BIG FAIL.

This was Magoo’s first (of many) attempt to get Diesel to play with him. It was a BIG FAIL.

This time Magoo wore him down and Big D had a great time!!!

This time Magoo wore him down and Big D had a great time!!!

Magoo was on Cloud Nine!

Magoo was on Cloud Nine!  Another victory for Magoo.

O and D

D and M

Oreo sleeping on D

Mand D looking backwards

In my last post, I told you about an upcoming video shoot with Magoo for the Drake Marketing department.  I expressed some concern about how Magoo would behave. Well, my concerns were clearly warranted.  He was an absolute disaster and I was mortified by his behavior.  All he had to do was approach me and give me a sniff.  Instead, he was panting like he had just run a mile and every time he set foot on the backdrop paper Magoo would FREAK OUT and run across the set.  I did EXACTLY what I was supposed to do (look sad and lazy – not a problem… never a problem…), as usual, while he was absolutely out of control.  I’m pretty sure he will never be asked back by Drake.  This is why I am the mascot and he isn’t.  I rule.

If you are in the Des Moines area, you should come visit us on Saturday, March 16 at Bone-A-Patreat Healthy Pet Market at the corner of 42nd and University!  We will be there from 10-4 for an IEBR Meet & Greet.  I will be there, as will some of my siblings.  My mom and dad will be there to answer any questions and to talk about bulldogs and IEBR!  I might get bored if you don’t come see me, so please come.


So… DRAKE BEAT #17 CREIGHTON IN MEN’S BASKETBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s right, Bulldogs are so much better than Bluejays.  I was talking trash before the game, so thanks, guys, for backing it up with some awesome skills on the court.  Down with McDermott!!!  It was so exciting. Okay, so my mom is telling me I have to be honest and tell you that I did sleep through the entire second half.  It’s true.  But a pretty boy like me needs his beauty sleep!  Don’t judge.

PH at Creighton game

The game was RIVETING. I was on the edge of my seat.

O sitting on PH

PH and o

So my boy Guster came back to visit us this past weekend.  We got to babysit the little rug rat!  It was… AWESOME.  I love that little guy.  He acted like he had never left.  It was like the good old days.  Magoo was over the moon because no one else will play with him since Lola Mae and Donken left for their forever homes (we like to sleep… a lot…).  Guster, however, is all about playing.  It was perfect having him back.

Guster with everyone

Guster was back in the house this last weekend! Acted like he owned the place.

silly guster

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching.  I must say that the ladies are lined up down the block already.  Lots to choose from.  It’s okay, though, ladies, there’s plenty of me to go around.  In the spirit of V-Day, I’ve written a little poem for my fans.  I hope you enjoy it.


Roses are red,

Drake Bulldogs are blue.

I need a Valentine,

Could it be you?


If you’d like to be my Valentine, please send treats.  I will, naturally, be basing my decision solely on who sends me the most goods.

PH 1

The Iowa Voters for Companion Animals is once again working hard at the Capitol during this legislative session to convince our lawmakers that puppy mills are a real problem in our state!  Please, please, PLEASE get involved by signing up to receive emails.  IVCA ONLY sends emails when YOUR action is needed.  It is not something that will fill your inbox every day.  When Mary sends something, you KNOW it’s important!  We will not change the lives of dogs in puppy mills across our state (that are over 23,000 of them in mills as I type this) unless we convince our legislators that change is needed.  Check out the website:  www.iowavca.org for more info on how you can help.   We need YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ALL of you!!!!!!!!!



IEBR has taken in some very medically needy bulldogs into our rescue lately.  We are in desperate need of funds.  If you are interested in helping, please donate on our website:  www.ilenglishbulldogrescue.org.  OR you can buy a Porterhouse Nation t-shirt!  Either way, you are helping us tremendously.  If you can’t help financially, please spread the word about IEBR and rescue in general.  PLEASE… adopt, don’t shop.

5 expensive dogs

These are our especially medically needy dogs right now. They need help. ):

This is my mom's med system for the dogs in our house.  Usually there are 5 dogs, which necessitates an additional med box.

This is my mom’s med system for the dogs in our house. Usually there are 5 dogs, which necessitates an additional med box.  This doesn’t show the many eye drops and ear meds we are on.  It’s like a hospital up in here.  Thank God my mom is a nurse!

Thanks for reading my blog, friends!  You’re the best!

Until next time…

Peace, Love, and Bulldogs,


THIS is Porterhouse Nation… and O is in it!


Hello, my friends, and Happy New Year!  I have SO much to tell you that I don’t even know where to begin!  I guess I’ll start by talking about me.  After all, talking about myself comes naturally and it happens to be what I do best!

The Drake basketball season is off to a bit of a rough start for both the men’s and women’s teams.  However, I strongly believe we are going to start putting together some victories soon.  Bulldogs don’t give up, and I just know it’s going to get better.  In the meantime, I will continue to grace the Knapp Center with my endearing presence and athletic prowess as I chase the basketball across the court at lightening speed to start the games.  It’s pretty much my favorite thing to do.  Whether we win or lose the game, at least Drake will ALWAYS have the better mascot at the end of the day (ME!).

Drake had a new jersey made for me this year.  I am, of course, #1 again.  Spike, on the other hand, continues to wear the #0.  Appropriate assignment of jersey numbers, don’t you think?  I’m just sayin’.



Here is some video from the local news of me doing my ball chase.  They say the camera adds 10 pounds, but I must say that is not the case with this guy!  I mean, look at me – I look darn good!


The next thing I want to talk about is my NEW FOREVER SISTER O!  That’s right, you read it correctly – O is officially a permanent member of my family!  We are so happy we can hardly contain ourselves.  Magoo is extra exuberant (didn’t even know that was possible) and I even have a little extra bounce in MY step (I honestly didn’t know that was possible either).  A very generous person stepped forward and offered to sponsor O through the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue in order to make it possible for her to stay with us forever.  We are so grateful, because it is abundantly clear that she belongs with us.  She is my sister, just like Candie was!  And if you will recall, O was rescued from the same exact puppy mill that Candie came from.  O’s rescue took place just 3 days after Candie passed away.  We are pretty sure that this is more than a coincidence.  I just know that my Candie Girl sent O to us when she left this world.  So… thank you, sweet Candie Girl. Image

She loves me.


This is my sister Candie.  I just don’t want anyone to forget her!  I miss her every single day.

Now let me explain why I insist on calling her “O” instead of “Oreo,” which is her official name.  “Oreo” was the name given to her at the puppy mill, where she existed in cage #180.  Basically, I refuse to call her the name she was given by that scum of the earth puppy miller.  Hence the name “O” instead.


My O is happier than she’s ever been!  A little bit of her vision has returned since having the eye surgery last Fall, but she still can’t really see much.  This doesn’t stop her though!  She couldn’t care less that she’s blind. She’s friskier and has more pep than ever before, and she has as great of a bullie butt wiggle as anyone!  We LOVE watching her progress and continue to come out of her shell.  She’s one special girl, and so brave.  I couldn’t be more proud of my sister O.  Check out this picture of her – she’s the one on the right.  She’s having a blast outside with us even though she doesn’t know where the rest of us went!  O is SO happy.



Now to update you on O’s health:  As you might recall from the last blog post, we were concerned she might have cancer.  However, her biopsies came back NEGATIVE!!!  We are absolutely thrilled.  The pathologist at Iowa State University is still very suspicious of the lymph node tissue, even though nothing technically showed up on the slides.  We just told him not to worry about it, though, because O is one tough girl and nothing is going to take her down now.  She has too much life to live and too much love to enjoy – Finally!  On with life, O!



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If you consider yourself a part of Porterhouse Nation (and who doesn’t?), you must have one of these shirts!  They’re only $16, and the wonderful person selling them is donatinig $10 from every shirt sold to the Illinois English Bulldog Rescue!  How cool is that?!  By purchasing one, you are not only helping our rescue, but you are also becoming an OFFICIAL member of Porterhouse Nation.  It’s clearly a win-win situation.


Now that we’ve established an official Porterhouse Nation, I must share with you my official Code of Conduct. This is very important information that I think everyone should know.  I’ve been asked many times things like, “How are you so awesome, Porterhouse?  How did you get to be so cool?”  Well, friends, it’s time for me to share my tricks of the trade.  Here it is:


So there you have it.  Now you, too, can try to be as cool as me. Good luck.

Now for a Donken update.  She had her tail amputated a couple of weeks ago and is recovering well.  It was a rough couple of days after the operation, but now she’s doing great!!  She’s starting to realize that her booty doesn’t hurt anymore.  She is even letting my mom and dad gently touch her rear end without screaming.  It’s such a relief, because she was so uncomfortable for so long.  She got her first bath last night, and that was an experience, to say the least.  I just stayed far out of the way.  It’s best for everyone.  Let’s just say that Donken doesn’t particularly care for baths.  They got it done, though, and she smells a lot better.  O, Lola Mae, and I were starting to register complaints, whereas Magoo remained completely oblivious.  That dog is clueless.




Speaking of complaints, I’ve got a few.  First of all, Drake Marketing is doing a video shoot for Valentine’s Day again.  Nothing says romance like this guy, so of course they asked me to star in the video.  Awesome, right?  Well, it would have been awesome if they hadn’t also asked annoying Magoo to be in it!  Seriously, now I have to share the spotlight with that thing?  I think we need to revisit my list of demands.  Number one on the list is NO MAGOO.  So we’ll see how this goes.  He’s so out of control and unrefined that I don’t anticipate he will be asked back.  Somehow, though, he remains QUITE the ladies’ man.






looking out the window

Laughing Magoo

He thinks he’s just sooooo funny.  I will be the first to say he is NOT.

Life + Dog Magazine update:  I pre-ordered some copies of the upcoming edition with my feature and can’t wait to get them!  I watch by the window every day for the mailman to bring me my magazines, but so far all he brings is junk for my mom and dad.  So annoying.  Who’s house is this, anyway?  Pretty soon the magazine will be available to all of you at Barnes and Nobles EVERYWHERE!  Stay tuned, friends!  You know you want a copy.


Well, it’s time for today’s women’s basketball game at the Knapp Center!  I need to catch a little shuteye before I RACE across the court to valiantly tackle the basketball on the other side.  Someone’s got to do it.

Don’t forget to order your very own Porterhouse Nation t-shirt @ http://www.etsy.com/listing/109911495/porterhouse-nation-s-xl  Help the IEBR bullies get the vet care they need AND join my nation, PORTERHOUSE Nation!!!

Until next time,

Peace, Love, and Bulldogs…